When wood gives you wood.

When wood gives you wood. A real woodworker knows what I’m talking about. I’m fascinated with joinery. To see two pieces come together like a jigsaw puzzle gets me going. This blog is a celebration of that. We’ll touch on the woodworkers, but we’ll mainly be talking about the work that they do. Like this:

Maloof Joint

(Maloof Joint) – Sam Maloof, Woodworker


In my mind, there are carpenters and there are woodworkers. Carpenters build cabinets. Now before you get fired up let me say this. Cabinets are great. They can be beautiful, but a woodworker takes it to the next level. To me, the word ‘woodworker’ is synonymous with ‘artist.’ Take a look at the Maloof joint above, as seen on a chair built by Sam Maloof. There is no other way to describe that than Wood Porn.

I’ve been trying to envision what this website/blog will be. My plan is to highlight woodworkers and the work that they do. I mainly plan on showcasing the work that they do. Hopefully, I can create some fans of woodworking along the way.

I’ve got my eye on some woodworkers. Some are well known, some are not.

Feel free to contact me and let me know about your favorite woodworker. Maybe I haven’t heard of him/her.


Another one of my favorites is Brandon Morrison of Whyrhymer. Check him out:


(Atomik Series No. 1) – Whyrhymer-Atomik Series No. 1